What is Tusima?

Tusima is a Layer 2 controllable privacy financial network based on zk-rollup. It integrates zero-knowledge proof, recursive proof, and homomorphic encryption technologies to achieve controllable on-chain data privacy protection and build a scalable financial network featuring high TPS for web3 users. Tusima is dedicated to building controllable privacy financial infrastructures in the web 3.0 era.
Tusima is also a modular controllable privacy financial network, an underlying privacy protection solution based on account models through MVD approach (it is an underlying privacy protection solution based on zk-rollup under account models).
Tusima features high performance. The off-chain DA of the TusimaPorter model can hide the transaction addresses and amounts under the account model while ensuring a processing capacity of 20-30K TPS.
In terms of architecture, its pluggable and plug-in design allows users to choose the most suitable solutions based on their unique business scenarios. Tusima offers its original TusimaBridge technology and pluggable modules to support the fast development of full-fledged privacy DApps.
In terms of network capabilities, Tusima has global deployment capabilities. Nodes communicate with each other via an encrypted P2P network while supporting ultra-large-scale nodes on WAN. The DPoS algorithm ensures that large-scale nodes can reach consensus rapidly. In addition, Tusima has a built-in account system that supports flexible strategies such as weight accumulation and set operation and is protected by multiple private keys to enhance account security.
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